Zia Teams Complete Survey of Blue Water Canyon for BLM

Zia cultural resource management professionals closed out 2021 with the completion of the first task order awarded under a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) awarded to Zia to provide Cultural Resources Surveys throughout the state of New Mexico.

The team successfully conducted an intensive pedestrian survey of 550 acres in the rugged Blue Water Canyon area in Cibola County in northwestern New Mexico. The survey objective was to complete an archaeological investigation documenting the cultural properties within the project area including documenting any new sites identified and updating any previously documented sites. The surveyed area has been occupied by humans for approximately 12,000 years and contains cultural resources extending from the prehistoric to the modern era.

Under the terms of Zia’s BPA , which extends until 2026, our CRM team looks forward to conducting additional surveys of designated BLM land areas. These surveys carry out the important mission of identifying and evaluating what cultural resources may be present that require protection or other actions to comply with both federal and state environmental and land use laws and regulations.

Cultural resources are definite locations of human activity, occupation, or use identifiable through literature searches, survey, historical documentation, or oral evidence. The term includes archaeological, historic, or architectural sites, structures, or places with important public and scientific uses, and may include definite locations (sites or places) of traditional cultural or religious importance to specified social and/or cultural groups.

Since its founding in Las Cruces in 2000 Zia has conducted numerous cultural resources surveys totaling thousands of acres in area throughout all parts of New Mexico.

Zia’s CRM team is under the able leadership of Victor Gibbs, RPA. For more information on Zia’s CRM resources or to discuss CRM teaming or related business opportunities please contact Victor at vrgibbs@ziaeec.com